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Top 4 Reasons Cloud Service Providers Choose Tintri

Tintri storage is specifically designed for virtualized workloads and cloud. If you’re a cloud provider that has built your business on differentiated services, Tintri is built for you.

When it comes to the success of your business, storage is a make or break decision. Here are five reasons the right choice can help:

  1. 1.

    Cost Savings


Conventional storage is prone to over-provisioning. You never have visibility of your performance reserves, so once you reach 70% of capacity you have to buy more storage as a buffer.

Tintri offers you visibility into your capacity reserves and your performance reserves so you will never over-provision again. We offer you the choice of all-flash and hybrid-flash so you can optimize the location of your workloads. We pack up to 5,000 VMs in just 2U, and sip less than 1kW of power. And you won’t require expensive storage experts.  

Performance - Capacity

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    No Storage PhD Required


Physical-era storage is a bear to manage. You’ve got to understand RAID groups, disk striping and more, and spend hours setting-up, carving-up and shuffling around LUNs and volumes. Recruiting and retaining storage experts to get all this done is extremely expensive.

Tintri keeps storage simple. We’ve done away with physical-era remnants to let you manage individual virtual machines. That means you can set Tintri up in 30 minutes, provision new VMs in seconds, and operate without storage experts.

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    Service Tiers with Guaranteed Performance SLAs


Best-case scenario, your current storage lets you set quality of service (QoS) on LUNs or volumes. But each LUN may have dozens or even hundreds of VMs inside, all with varied performance requirements.

Tintri lets you establish performance levels—for which you can charge. Set QoS for individual VMs or groups of VMs, so you can establish tiers of service. Charge your customers a premium for their most performance-hungry applications.

Service Tiers with Guaranteed Performance SLAs

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    Real-time Analytics


You run a fluid business, and that demands that data be at your fingertips. The trouble is that conventional storage can only tell you what is happening with your LUNs and volumes... days ago.

Tintri lets you see what’s happening with every VM in real-time—throughput, latency and more—so you can make informed decisions, offer value-add services and even model future storage requirements with Tintri’s predictive analytics.page2image16160page2image16320

Throughput - Latency

Tintri lets you manage up to 3.2 PB and more than 100,000 VMs from a single pane of glass. You can create service groups and assign policies for QoS and data protection that apply to specific VM types and that are maintained as VMs migrate.

Tintri is built for virtualized workloads, and that means it is built for cloud service providers. Storage can be a source of differentiation in your business—one that allows you to enable performance tiers and to access real-time analytics.

Let’s talk about how we can change the way you think about storage, and change the way you run your business.

Tintri keeps storage simple.