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VDI Success Series: University of Arkansas

Ready to see what Tintri can do for your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Read on to see why the University of Arkansas uses Tintri for its virtual desktops. Then, dig into our Recommended Resources for more in the VDI Success Series.




Provide students and faculty with remote access to campus labs and applications.


“Our EMC arrays could not deliver the IOPS needed for our 400 virtual desktops and 100 servers. We tried to fix the deficiency by purchasing a Dell EqualLogic system… but it still wasn’t fast enough for VMware.” 

Other Solutions Studied:

  • Dell
  • Nimble Storage
  • Pure Storage


  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware Horizon (with View)

VM Profile

  • SAS, SAP, REDCap, SQL, Oracle, Teradici Console, Business Objects, Mediasite, Bitdefender, Digital Surveillance


  • 2x Tintri VMstores



“It took me longer to put the rails on the rack than to hook up and configure Tintri… 15 or 20 minutes max.”

Time to Add a New VM:

  • Conventional Storage: > 30 min.
  • Tintri VMstore: < 3 seconds



Growing to 2,000+ virtual desktops on a single VMstore

Bottom Line:

“Tintri is the only game in town. The only storage designed for the demands of virtualized environments.”

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