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Why Tintri for VDI?

Companies trust Tintri smart storage to support their VDI. We’ve completely changed their thinking about VDI—that’s because we challenge the ‘storage quo’. You see, conventional storage simply isn’t built for VDI (it’s built for physical workloads). Tintri is the ONLY storage system specifically built for virtualized environments and to enable VDI.

Challenge #1: VDI requires heavy manual management and tuning time

Conventional Storage

Requires a storage expert to work with LUNs, volumes, striping, RAID, I/O and other archaic storage concepts.


Tintri is the ONLY storage system that uses individual VMs as the unit of management. Since there are no LUNs or volumes, non-storage experts can easily manage Tintri.

Challenge #2: VDI performance suffers from boot storms and virus scans

Conventional Storage

Schedule workloads sequentially in a First-In-FirstOut (FIFO) manner, so that boot storms and virus scans cause traffic jams.


Tintri maintains your desktop image in its Active Working Set—always available in flash—so you get all-flash speed. And every VM gets its own Quality of Service "lane" to guarantee performance. (Want All-Flash? We've got that, too.)

Challenge #3: Storage over-provisioned to buffer VDI performance

Conventional Storage

Either over-provision current storage or over-spend to buy expensive all-flash appliances.


Tintri’s dashboard shows you a capacity gauge and a performance gauge so you know exactly how much headroom you have available. Zero guesswork and no over-provisioning. And Tintri delivers 99% of IOPS from flash; offering you all-flash performance with hybrid value.

ESG Labs decided to assess Tintri’s fit with VDI. They regularly test storage solutions in their lab, and Tintri vastly outperformed the competition:

Tintri Performance

Data collected from 1,000 users.

Total datastores requiring management 1 datastore
Time to install, configure and deploy first VM 8 minutes
Time to deploy 1,000 linked clones 2.5 hours
Cost per VM Less than $60


According to ESG Labs’ final report:

There is almost zero configuration required in the Tintri VMstore—the product is fully tuned and ready to use the moment it gets an IP address.

If your organization has prioritized VDI, then your storage should too. Tintri is storage built specifically for VDI, so it can be faster, cheaper, and better than physical desktops.