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Tintri controls each application automatically




Manage multiple workloads from a single all-flash array

Manage workloads from a single all-flash array in minutes

Your virtual footprint is growing. The number of applications battling for resources has increased. There are still only 24 hours in a day. Something’s gotta give. How can you make sure it’s not your storage? With Tintri application-aware storage, built specifically for cloud initiatives, data protection and disaster recovery, VDI, infrastructure refresh, DevOps and ROBO.

Tintri is the simplest storage for virtualization and cloud

Simple storage for complex problems

Whether they’re legacy providers or newcomers, most providers use decades-old architectures designed for physical workloads. But your data center’s future isn’t physical—it’s virtualization and cloud. Tintri all-flash storage is built exclusively for virtual workloads. We don’t make compromises—we simply guarantee the performance of every virtualized application.

More applications, smaller footprint

Tintri controls each application automatically

TIntri doesn’t just pack more applications than any other provider. It isolates each of them so that you avoid resource conflicts with no fuss. Plus, Tintri manages multiple workloads on a single storage platform with machine learning algorithms powered by Amazon Machine Learning—saving you time and money.

Thousands of organizations trust Tintri for:

Desktop Virtualization


Run thousands of desktops. Provision new desktops in seconds. Replicate and restore like a champ.

Database & Server Virtualization

DBs & Servers

Deploy Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, setup Microsoft applications for success and support your virtualized enterprise applications.

DevOps Virtualization


Spin up and tear down thousands of VMs in minutes. Remove storage as a bottleneck for Dev cycles.

Cloud Solutions


Start with 17TB and scale out to 40PB without any additional staff. Size and grow your cloud infrastructure according to your need.

Multiple, concurrent hypervisors. One all-flash storage platform.

Tintri all-flash storage and software allows for unmatched integration with your hypervisor and server virtualization ecosystem. Tintri all-flash arrays support multiple, concurrent hypervisors. Now you can run vSphere and Hyper-V side by side, experiment with OpenStack, and more—without having to provision or tinker with additional storage. Learn more about Tintri’s integrations with your hypervisor(s) of choice:


Citrix XenServer

Microsoft Hyper-V


OpenStack Cloud Solutions