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Guarantee the performance of every SQL database VM and gain visibility across your entire infrastructure

Why trust Tintri with your SQL databases? Here are three simple reasons:​

Guarantee performance of database VMs

Your SQL Server database is probably one of the most widely used reporting and transactional applications in your organization—it has to perform flawlessly.

On conventional storage those database VMs have to share real estate with other VMs and even fight for performance resources. That doesn’t sound “flawless”.

On Tintri, every VM is isolated in its own “lane”, so there is never conflict; every VM always gets the performance it needs.

End troubleshooting and guesswork

What happens if your SQL Server database VMs start to perform erratically? If they live on other storage, it kicks off a series of support calls, PerfStats and detective work. Those VMs may not return to form for hours or even days.

With Tintri, you hover over the VM(s) in question, see the root cause of the issue and solve it—in seconds. Your SQL Server database doesn’t go down. Your inbox doesn’t light up.

DBAs are not storage experts

A DBA and a storage admin walk into a bar. What do they talk about?

DBAs speak in recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Storage admins talk about LUNs, volumes, RAID types and disk striping.

What is the shared language? Virtual machines. Tintri only deals in virtual machines—they are the unit of management. Nothing gets lost in translation. Storage isn’t the punchline.