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VDI with All-Flash Storage and Software

Don’t sweat VDI. Adding more virtual desktops shouldn’t mean adding management effort. Tintri all-flash storage and software controls each desktop automatically. Now you can manage thousands of desktops in minutes per month.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) PDF

77 percent of companies have deployed or are deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. If that sounds like you, check out our Essential Guide to Storage for Virtual Desktops for practical ideas and recommendations that you can use right away.

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Consolidate User Profiles and File Sharing

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The NexentaStor VSA for Tintri offers enterprise-grade file services (NFS & SMB) as a VM stored on Tintri. Optimized for Tintri’s data reduction and deduplication and covered by the existing support contract, consolidating user profiles and file sharing can be even more simple.


User profiles and file sharing are not consolidated and simplified requiring additional management and cost, stored on another NAS system or using generic files services running on a VM.

Learn more about NexentaStor VSA for Tintri here


Application isolation eliminates I/O storms

Application Isolation Eliminates IO Storms


Tintri isolates each desktop application to eliminate noisy neighbors. You can even mix desktops and server workloads on the same Tintri array without creating contention.


Random read/write workloads, boot storms and anti-virus scans create bursts of demand that force desktops to jostle for position.


Manage desktops, not storage

Manage Your Desktops, NOT Your Storage


Your team should be focused on the environment and user experience; it shouldn’t need a storage Ph.D to deliver great performance. Tintri works with VAAI, VCAI, PVS, MCS and more to keep deployment and management simple.


To work with LUNs, volumes, striping, RAID, I/O and other artifacts of physical-era storage, you need a Ph.D in storage.


Scale efficiently with 10x application density

Four to ten times storage density than any other provider


Tintri stores applications four to ten times more densely than any other storage provider—up to 7,500 desktop applications in two rack units—and simply scales as you grow.


As the size of your virtualized desktop footprint grows, you have to add more storage—even over-provision—to maintain performance.


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